Boutique Style Dog Care in My Home
Free Nail Trim for All Boarding Clients!

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding | Pett Butler - Denver, CO

If you are heading out of the house and have to resort to dog boarding, then you will be happy to know that there is a special place for your furry...

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Overnight Dog Boarding

Overnight Dog Boarding | Pett Butler - Denver, CO

Pett Butler is a specialized dog boarding business that I created right out of my very own Denver, CO home to help you and your pet get through time...

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Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior | Pett Butler - Denver, CO,CO

When you get a new puppy or adopt a new friend, chances are he or she is going to need some help learning a few strange human rules. When it comes to...

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Welcome To Pett Butler

As a lover of dogs, I understand that leaving your pet while you’re away can be difficult and stressful. That is why I created Pett Butler in 1994 with the hopes that I can help dogs and their humans during times where they have to be apart. Over the years, I have improved my home so that your dog can stay right with me in the comfort of a safe, pet-friendly home. Now, when you go on vacation, your dog can, too!

I am fully licensed by the department of agriculture and able to offer professional and safe dog care. Once your pup stays with me, he or she might not want to leave! If you are leaving your dog with me, I am also happy to offer you additional grooming services so that when your dog returns home, he or she can be clean and looking happy and healthy just for you! I believe that dogs want to feel confident for their companions, and I’ll make sure that happens.

When I started Pett Butler, I also wanted to offer help to dogs and their owners while they get to know each other. In addition to boarding, I have also set up training sessions that focus on developmental and psychological enlightenment for both owner and pet. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a dog and his or her companion breaking milestones together, and my training is here to help you do just that. Whether you have a puppy or have just adopted a new best friend, I can help you two reach an understanding with one another.

If you need any dog training or dog boarding help, then please contact me by phone of e-mail at any time to get started!

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