Dog Behavior

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Dog Behavior

Dog Behavior | Pett Butler - Denver, CO

When you get a new puppy or adopt a new friend, chances are he or she is going to need some help learning a few strange human rules. When it comes to dog behavior, some things may not come naturally. For example, there are boundaries no dog can understand without expert training. I will assist you and your furry friend in learning that jumping on counters and people is unacceptable. I have an extensive background in canine psychology, and through that, I can facilitate focused learning and understanding in your dog.

The tricky thing regarding dog behavior is that it is such a variable thing. Each dog is different, based on not only pedigree, but upbringing. Adopted dogs can come with a lot of history, but I am here to sort through that and get you understanding who your dog is and how to train him or her efficiently. If there is a target dog behavior you are trying to avoid, then I can focus my attention towards getting that particular habit out of your dog’s repertoire.

In addition to working on training your dog, I will also keep you informed and enlightened every step of the way. The reason I communicate constantly with dog owners is because I want each of you to walk away from my services with a greater understanding of what gives your dog his or her special identity. I am also able to work out signs of minor aggression with your dog to keep it friendly with strangers of all species. Once you take advantage of my dog training services, you and your furry pal will have a stronger, happier relationship, guaranteed!

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